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Hedgehog Art Projects

June 6, 2014




On Wednesday, students in the Hedgehog group created Octopi and Squid using paper bags, googly eyes, and water color paint.


Hedgehogs Play Basketball!

June 6, 2014





On a recent gym visit the Hedgehog class practiced basketball form and played a fun game of  HORSE with Ms. Lily. The students were excited to practice their shooting and dribbling and a few were excited to make their first shots after practicing!


Day of the Child Closing Ceremony

June 6, 2014


The Lucky Charms representing Poland as part of the Day of the Child performances of the School Age program at Rowe for parents, guests and scholars.


3 Strong Women Improv

June 6, 2014


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1,2,3 Let’s Read!

May 13, 2014

From February 18th to April 11th scholars in the School Age program participated in 1,2,3 Let’s Read, a program geared towards reading for FUN! 1,2,3 Let’s Read is an incentive program where scholars were able to earn a Reading Dollar for each book that was read to younger scholars and each chapter/book that older scholars read. Scholars were able to redeem Reading Dollars weekly to buy items such as a Reading T-shirt, school supplies, and wonderful small toys.

The Kick off rally, held February 18th and closing ceremony, held April 11th, included songs, skits and poems about the joys of reading. Scholars made a cumulative goal to read 4,190 chapters/books by the end of the 8 week period. At the closing ceremony, scholars surpassed their goal and read a total of 6,027 books/chapters! Every scholar was able to buy a Reading T-shirt and top readers were presented with certificates at the end of the ceremony. Great job scholars!!