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Getting the Point with Mr. Zak

February 23, 2012

This week, the Head Start students worked on an art activity with Mr. Zak. The artist that  influenced this project was Georges Seurat.  Seurat was famous for his technique of  pointillism, a technique that  incorporates painting tiny dots of paint on a canvas to create an entire picture. His painting, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte can be seen at the Chicago Art Institute. The students were able to use many different colors on their miniature canvases. Using a Q-tip as a brush, they would dip the tip into the paint and dot the canvas, creating a mixture of unique designs that filled the white space of the canvas. The focus was not to use the Q-tip as a brush, but to dot the canvas in quick rapid motions. These canvases with their many colors and portrayal of rapid motion reflect the students’ personalities in a delightful and happy setting.


Valentine’s Day Bingo with the Golden Agers

February 22, 2012

The Golden Agers having a good time playing bingo.


House in the Wood

February 9, 2012

From February 4 – February 6, the students of the Northwestern Settlement After School Programs went to Delavan, WI to House in the Wood.  Students from Peabody Elementary and scholars from Rowe Elementary spent the weekend playing in the snow, making bird feeders, playing games, and walking on the ice looking at stars. The kids had a great time taking a break from the busy city and enjoying the great outdoors.



February 2, 2012

Kate Bramer, a yoga instructor from Yoga View studio came into Ms. Ana’s Extended Day classroom to teach the students about yoga and what it can do for you. Breathing, meditating and stretching are just some of the basic components that make up the practice of yoga. Kate touched on a few of these components with the students which resulted in a calm and collective classroom by the end of the session. The students and teachers learned to focus their energy on the yoga stretches, like lunging, which works your legs, or twisting, which strengthens your core muscles. Kate’s presence in the classroom promoted healthy lifestyles and awareness of the body. The students realized that in one hour, you can feel calmer by some deep breaths, a few stretches and a few minutes of meditation.


1,2,3 Lets Read Opening Ceremony

February 1, 2012

1,2,3 Lets Read is a program that promotes reading in a fun way. The books that the students are reading are not school textbook related. Lets put the FUN back in fundamental.