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21st Century Homework Help

December 8, 2011

Monday through Thursday at 5:00 you will find a group of very busy First, Second, and Third Graders at the Settlement. The students are participants in Peobody Elementary School’s After School Program and travel over to the settlement for the 21st Century Homework Help Program. Ms. Amanda Yañez and Ms. Lisa Robbins assist the First Graders.  Ms. Melissa Jones and Mr. Jared Randle assist the Second Graders and Mr. Louis Quiñones and Ms. Brecklind Golovich-Keie assist the Third Graders.  This program is an excellent resource for both students and parents. It provides productive time and assistance in order for students to truly understand and focus on their homework.

First Graders

Second Graders

Third Graders



December 2, 2011

Golden Agers Club is a social support and special services program for senior citizens that meets on Friday for weekly BINGO. The 3-5 year olds in the Extended Day  program worked hard to create birthday cards for the Golden Agers who had fall birthdays . On November 11, the children surprised the BINGO players with cards, flowers, and cupcakes. The children learned the importance of spreading happiness through giving and the children will be visiting in the winter, spring, and summer to celebrate more birthdays.